Maturity, workload management, time management, decision making. These are all important skills that 10th Graders are forced to work on. The switch from “yellow to blue” can be stressful and overwhelming, especially in the first term. The topics are a little less generalized and most of the time a whole new subject is introduced! 


You have to make decisions on your career path and graduation is just a little bit closer. Clubs and extracurricular activities get a little more interesting. 10th Graders can participate in the Annual Ministry of Education’s Debating competition and take part in the ESHS senior concert band and even in ESHS Rams Radio! Though the switch may be tough, only the strong and determined come out on top. Today we celebrate these determined students.


There was a total of 192 students enrolled in 10th Grade for 2018 to 2019 school year. Of those students, the following students prevailed and made it to the top 10.

A special congratulations go to the wonderful Ms. Michaela Potter for placing 1st out of 192 students with an amazing GPA of 90.04. She believed she could, so she did. Excellent job Ms. Potter!

Top 10 ESHS Students (2018-2019)-Grade 1
Who is Michaela Potter?

Michaela R. Potter is a 14 year old, currently majoring in Science at the Elmore Stoutt High School. This
determined and talented young lady hopes to one day pursue a career in either a medical or scientific field.
Coming from the Francis Lettsome Primary School and taking part in several extracurricular activities,
Michaela finds comfort in pushing past her limits to exceed.


Her hobbies include sketching, reading, writing stories and playing the piano. She thanks God for helping her through her struggles.

It takes hard work, determination, and belief in God and yourself to make it out on top and Michaela possessedthe skills necessary to place first. Congratulations Ms. Potter! Continue striving for excellence.



A couple years ago, this would’ve been the grade of graduation (prior to the addition of the 12th grade). The 11th Grade class can be described as eager, talented and just itching to make it to their final year. The workload is a little more hefty and students have grown to be a little more mature as well. CXCs, building credits, Community Service hours and Job Training are just a couple of things that 11th Graders are plagued with and it can be very stressful for the students. Nevertheless, it builds character and strength and in this cut throat world, only the courageous and determined can make it to the top. Without further ado, here is a list of the top 10 students of 11th Grade for the 2018 to 2019 school year. 

A special and wholehearted congratulations goes to the hardworking, determined Ms. Alexia Penn, who can first in the 154 students enrolled in 11th grade. Ms. Alexia Penn achieved an exceptional GPA of 93.25.  Congratulations Alexia!

Top 10 ESHS Students (2018-2019)-Grade 1
Who is Alexia Penn?

Alexia Penn is a talented student at the Elmore Stoutt High School. She uses her love for learning, and
determination to be the best student that she can be. Besides, being a student, Alexia is also very passionate about the arts. She has been dancing since she was five years old and has more recently started to exhibit and develop her skills in visual arts.

In addition to that, Ms. Penn recently took home the title of Best Impromptu Speaker at the Annual Debating Competition in March of this year. Although her plans for the future are undecided, she plans to go forth with an open mind and trust that she will find her true calling. Alexia wants to encourage other students and anyone who is reading this to never be deterred by how difficult something may be to achieve. Do not let anything or anyone stop you from achieving your goals.

Congratulations again Alexia!



This diverse and amazing group of students has shown dedication, loyalty and diligence throughout the 2018
to 2019 school year. The road to graduation has not been easy but the students fought and persevered
through every challenge. This class has proved that strength is most prominent in teamwork and creativity can
solve problems.

Fun Fact: ALL of the territory's top 10 students came from the Elmore Stoutt High School!

A special congratulations goes out to the extraordinary and hardworking Valedictorian, Ms. Kaylian Penn. This
exemplary student has defied all odds, completing multiple CAPE and CXC exams all while undertaking
regular high school classes and maintaining a perfect 4.2 GPA.

Who is Kaylian Penn?

Seventeen year old, Kaylian B. Penn is the recent Valedictorian of the Elmore Stout High School’s Graduating
Class of 2019. Having also attained Valedictorian status at the Leonora Delville Primary School, Kaylian has
alluded to her success being due to her strong academic foundation. At ESHS, she majored in Science but is
also passionate about subjects such as Mathematics and her elective, Music. She was a member of the
school’s Senior Concert Band and Jazz Ensemble.

In her free time she enjoys reading, cracking jokes and attending her church’s Youth Fellowship. She also
enjoys tutoring, problem solving and giving good advice. These traits, in which Kaylian possesses, are molding
her into the psychologist that she wishes to become in the future.

Congratulations Kaylian Penn, your hard work and dedication is an inspiration and you have set the bar for
excellence. All the best!

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