Reading is Fun Week 2020 - Meet Young Author, Amia Wheatley.

Amia Wheatley is a thirteen year old eighth grader from the Elmore Stoutt High School. You may have remembered her from the launch of her very own book called "Hurricane Irma Through My Eyes" in January of this year. If you haven't, then you've found the right article to read! Amia plays in the school band at ESHS, she also plays the saxophone and drums. Amia has a lot of hobbies some of these hobbies are baking, tennis, gymnastic and agriculture. She also has a lip gloss business call Mimi's Lips.

Amia launched her book on January 10th, 2020, along with her brother Dylan Wheatley , who

launched a book of his very own on the same day. "This book about my experience during Hurricane Irma. This book tells you my side of the story of how I got through hurricane Irma." she says. "My book launch was the right place to be to finally show the BVI my new book. It was nice to see all the people that one there to support my book and the book launch of a young author."

Amia says that the most difficult part about writing her book was making sure everything was perfect and she was able to push through with the help of her mother. She describes her book as exciting, stating that when you read Hurricane Irma through my (her) Eyes, it's a very exciting story.

Amia says that she plans to write many more books in the future, but before that time comes, for anyone that's interested in purchasing her book, you can either contact her directly by calling 443-0376. Persons can send her a message via whatsapp using the same number. The book can also be found at Island Services, as well as the Terrance B. lettsome Gift Shop.

We can't wait to see what other masterpiece(s) you put out next!

Here's a video of her summing things up:

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