For many people, knowing Ms. Rosemarie Campbell is an important part of their ESHS journey. Ms. Campbell currently serves as the Head of Security for the Elmore Stoutt Senior High School.

A graduate of ESHS, R. N. Headlam has dedicated her new book to Ms. Campbell. The book, titled “KINGDOMS OF YAH- BOOK 1- THE BLOODLUST POWER” was recently released. The dedication reads “… and my ‘second mother’, Ms. Campbell, who pushed me to have many, many books published.”

Ms. Campbell said, “I’m really, really proud. This is what makes the job worth it, the amazing children. Some of them just need a little push and encouragement along the way. When they go out and do these amazing things, it makes me proud because I love them all”.

Many students regard Ms. Campbell as a mother to them. She’s the first face students see in the morning and works hard to keep them safe throughout the day.

The book can be found at:

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