Meet the New Teacher! | Nikaida Wheatley

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Nikaida Wheatley

My name is Nikaida Wheatley, a Gemini and a fan of all things Asian and African. Foreign languages, writing, and foreign music (particularly Indian and Middle Eastern), are my favorite past times. I am family oriented and introverted. I am also terrified of cockroaches, heights, and the ocean. I love children, especially toddlers, as well as long informative talks with the elderly. I am from Anegada and have Boriquén (Puerto Rican) and East Indian heritage. ESHS has been my school since October 16th 2019. My lifelong goals are to  perform a pilgrimage in the ancient  Christian regions of Ethiopia, to raise Cancer awareness, to speak seven languages, and to re-kindle Indian folklore in Guyana.

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