As the Elmore Stoutt high School prepares for Lent term 2020 and continue to work towards molding their students, please take note of the following information.

1. School reopens on January 6th 2020 for Lent Term.

2. ESHS's bell schedule will be changing to give each campus a 15 minute break. Class sessions will be reduced to 60 minutes to accommodate the break.

• Students are encouraged to walk with their healthy snack and water for the break periods.

Below is the new Bell Schedule effective January 6th, 2020:


HOMEROOM: 8:35-8:55

Period 1: 9:00-10:00

Period 2: 10:05-11:05

BREAK: 11:05-11:15

Period 3: 11:20-12:20

LUNCH: 12:20-1:20

Period 4: 1:25-2:25

Period 5: 2:30-3:30

GRADES 10-12

HOMEROOM: 8:35-8:55

Period 1: 9:00-10:00

Period 2: 10:05-11:05

LUNCH: 11:05-12:05

Period 3: 12:10-1:10

BREAK: 1:10-1:20

Period 4: 1:25-2:25

Period 5: 2:30-3:30

3. The only jewelry that should be worn is a watch and 1 pair of small knob type earrings in the lower ear lobe for girls. Please keep in mind that SMART WATCHES ARE NOT ALLOWED IN SCHOOL.

4. At the ESHS CTL Campus, there are some classrooms that are very cold and students have been allowed to walk with a jacket or sweater that is to be worn in those rooms ONLY. The jackets are to have a zipper in the front and should NOT be hoodies. The school is in the process of sourcing a jacket which will be the approved jacket for school wear.

5. The only electronics allowed on the campuses are the VIDE textbooks and the Chromebooks. NO CELLPHONES!

• Searches may be conducted at any time at the school and students found with electronics will be suspended.

6. In an effort to be successful, students must be prepared. Textbooks and other materials are vital to the academic success of our students. Please ensure that students are equipped with the necessary supplies stated below.


1. DURATION: January 6th to April 3rd

2. February 14th: Mid-Term break

3. March14th: SAT Examinations

4. March 26th: English Exit Proficiency Examination

5. March 27th: Math Exit Proficiency Examination



CTL: 468-6764 OR 346-4014

Lower Estate: 468-6725 OR 468-6744

Mrs. V. Garraway: 468-6720

Mr. C. Hodge: 443-5807

Mrs. L. Penn-Rodgers: 468-9604

Mrs. D. Clyne-Thomas: 468-9222

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