ESHS Power School Update

PowerSchool is opening on the 30th of September! The ‘Parent Portal’ will be up and available to all parents. Please note that parents who need assistance with resetting their password are required to come to the school, otherwise their password remains the same as last school year.

Eg. If your child/children are in grade 7 coming into the high school, their powerschool password will remain the same as that of when they were in grade 6.

This is all necessary to ensure that we are providing access to power school to the right parent or guardian and to safeguard the privacy of student information. For any further assistance contact our CTL campus at 4686704 or ESHS campus at 4686756.

PLEASE NOTE: Students that are new to the system will need to contact the numbers above in order to receive their password information.

Credit: Arison Penn reporting for Rams Radio | ESHS campus

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