ESHS ONLINE- ESHS Announces New Graded Assignment Policy

As the Elmore Stoutt High School continues to adapt to become an online based institution, Principal Vanessa Garraway has announced a new policy.

This new policy was created to address concerns about students continually submitting late assignments. It aims to instill a sense of responsibility and time management in students moving forward with Trinity Term.

Dubbed the ‘Graded Assignment Policy’, below is an overview of how the policy will be ran and enforced.

ESHS Online - Graded Assignments

All graded assignments should be provided with the following:

1. Instructions/materials needed to complete the assignment.

2. Allotted points to EACH question or a rubric for project-based assignments.

3. Due dates the assignments must be completed and turned in.

Students and parents are expected to reach out to teachers if they are experiencing any type of difficulties during the time frame given to complete the assignment.

Late Submission of Assignments

Late assignments will receive a deduction of 5% of the maximum mark of the assignment per day up to seven days late.

After seven (7) days (including weekends and holidays), the assignment will not be accepted and the student will receive a zero for that assignment.


Students handing in assignments late because of excused absences or who have been given extensions will not be penalized under this policy. Unexcused absences on the assignment due date will cause the Late Policy Process to begin.

Here is an example of how the grade for a late assignment would be calculated: Jack submits an assignment marked out of 25 marks, 5 days late.

1. His work is graded (without regard to the late deductions). Jack’s work has been graded at .

2. Calculate his deduction.

5 days late = 25% deduction (5% daily)

0.05 *5 * 25 = 6 (when rounded to the nearest whole number)

3. Deduct the penalty amount (Step 2) from the graded amount (Step 1) to give the score that will be recorded.

Score = =

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