Dylan Mathavious Excels In UVI University Bound Program

The British Virgin Islands has made it a top priority to ensure that its youths are properly educated and ready to lead a prosperous nation. One of their main concerns has been the prioritization of students reaching tertiary level education.


The neighboring islands of the USVI have established a beneficial program for its youths in which students get to experience college level work for a period of time. This motivates them to be forward academic thinkers and gives them a chance to grasp concepts at a higher level.


The program is called University Bound better known as UB. UB was instituted at the University of the Virgin Islands in the summer of 1966. Since its inception, it has helped many high school students in the US Virgin Islands progress toward their goal of attaining higher education. 


According to the University of the Virgin Islands’ website, University Bound (UB) (formerly Upward Bound) is a 6 week college preparatory program designed to generate the skills and motivation that lead to academic success for students in high school and beyond.


In 2011, Dr. Hall (the president at the time) extended the invitation to the BVI and one student from the Elmore Stoutt High School was selected and attended the program that year. The idea was a massive success. This resulted in Ms. Rosalia Rohan, Program Director, ensuring that a student from the BVI always attended the program annually. 


Selection from Administration at ESHS was crucial as they focused on benevolent students who usually assisted with tutorials, lending a helping hand to students who were struggling academically.  This was the school’s way of saying thank you to the students who put in the extra work to help others.


However, with the onset of the hurricanes in 2017, the change of our school day caused tutorials to be difficult.  As a result, Administration shifted their criteria to high academic performance and reaching out to the young men as part of the agenda of keeping them focused and success driven.

This year, Mr. Dylan Mathavious, a 9th Grade ESHS student, was given the opportunity to participate in the UB program.









Course: Choir                                                          Final Grade: 99%

Instructor’s comments: Thank you for bringing your fun energy to the class and performance.  I look forward to working with you again. 


Course: Career & College Readiness               Final Grade: 96%

Instructor’s comments: Dylan is focused in class and contributes ideas; listens and follows directions precisely and attentively. 


Course: English                                                       Final Grade: 91%

Instructor’s comments: Insightful, creative, talented.


Course: Anatomy                                                    Final Grade: 81%

Instructor’s comments: Great improvement.  Blossomed in class


Course: Algebra II                                                   Final Grade: 90%

Instructor’s comments: Excellent student, very focused.


After the 6 week program, awards were distributed to the outstanding students.  Here are the awards Mr. Mathavious received: 


  • Trophy for English (1st place)

  • Medal for Choir (2nd place)

  • Award for outstanding academic performance (High Honors)

  • UVI University Bound Most Enthusiastic Award

  • UVI University Bound Sensational Scholar Award


The ESHS Family would like to congratulate Dylan for his hard work and excellence.

We are extremely proud of Dylan as he applied himself and handled the “foreign” classes extremely well. We also commend the ESHS staff and teachers who worked wonderfully with the students despite the half day shift system. This is a true representation of resilience.


Congrats again to Dylan Mathavious! Outstanding job. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

“Dylan has a desire to play basketball but we wanted to help him see, along with his basketball that academics is important.  For those reasons he was selected,” said Mrs. L. Penn-Rogers, Academic Principal, Jr. School.

She continues by adding, “Classmates are students from various high schools in the USVI (public and private).  So you might be in class with top students for their grade level who are strong academically.”

Upon arrival to the program Dylan felt intimidated by his competition. “All of the students in this program were either going Grade 11 or 12.  I don’t think I’m ready for this. Plus some of these subjects I never took in ESHS.” 

Group photo of UB Program 2019.

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